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Please note that all quotes for new instruments are valid for 60 days after the date the quote is sent. Prices and lead times are subject to change after 60 days. Lead times are calculated from the time a purchase order is received, not from the quote date. Sales terms and conditions
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WCT-120 with Suns-Voc accessory
WCT-120 (for wafers)
WCT-120TS (for temperature dependent measurements)
WCT-120PL (for photoluminescence measurements)
Suns-Voc (for use after Al BSF)
BCT-400 (for block & ingot, flat surface only)
BLS-I (for block & ingot, flat or curved surface)
SBS-150 (previously BLA-09)
IL-800 (for automated inline wafer measurements)
FMT-350 (Flash Module Tester)
Cell Tester

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